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Mari Cantwell – Facebook

“I took my first lesson with Tahoe Dirt Bikes about a year ago, and as an adult trying to catch up to friends who have ridden since childhood, I was apprehensive. The lesson was excellent and I appreciated the constant encouragement from my instructor. The Sierra scenery was gorgeous too. Since then, I’ve been renting bikes from Tahoe Dirt Bikes, and I really enjoy the sport. Daron is always a pleasure to work with, and I appreciate his extensive dirt bike knowledge and willingness to share it with me. Highly recommended!”

Henry N. – Yelp

“Purchased a dirt bike tour for my girlfriend and I in mid November. I’d say the entire experience was awesome! Planned the tour about a month in advance with pretty much no dirt biking experience. I was texting back and fourth with the owner until the day before regarding whether it would be too snowy or cold to dirt bike. Daron was responsive and easy to communicate with. During the tour, he taught my girlfriend and I everything we needed to know to go up few hills and dirt mounds. We rode along a few paths near Reno. We’ve been Atving in Pismo tons of time, but learning how to switch gears on a dirt bike is quite different.

My girlfriend was terrified at first, and was slightly mad at me for booking such a “dangerous activity”, but she had a blast and wants to go dirt biking again. She even talks about getting a street bike now. Dirt biking has been on my bucket list for awhile, but it was somewhat difficult for me to find places that would let us rent them with no experience. That’s also close to places where we can ride around. If you want to learn how to ride dirt bikes, this is a great place to go! Daron was a great instructor and will be patient with you while you learn the basics. We loved how these are custom tours, so it was just Daron, my girlfriend and I. We didn’t feel like we were wasting anyone else’s time while we were getting the basics down.”

Josh Tygart – Facebook

“This last week end sime friends and I rented 4 timbersleds. We had vehicle problems as soon as week left. Not only did Tahoe Dirt Bike Rentals reschedule for the following day but they loaned us a pick up so we could run around and get our rig fixed. We received top notch service. We got on the road and rode the timber sleds the next day. The sleds were an amazing adventure. We had a fantastic time! Thanks to Tahoe Dirt Bike Rentals.”

Vikram T. – Yelp

“Just rode with Tahoe Dirt Bikes today.  We had a wonderful time. I brought my two 12 yr old girls and they learned well and we went for a decent ride. Bikes were easy to learn. They provide ALL the safety equipment, and the trails were easy (we were all newbies).

Can’t wait to go back!!!!”

Sarah M. – Facebook

“Daron was great getting us set up and we had a lot of fun. We rented a side by side and it was powerful, and looked like new!”

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